Fusion Lounge NYC Thursday 2019
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    Fusion Lounge NY 34-19 Steinway Street Astoria, NY 11106 (347) 592-0300
    10:00pm - 4am

    Birthday information


    Fusion NY - Fusion Queens - Fusion Lounge Ladies Night Thursday Guestlist Form. Please fill in the required fields in order to register you for this weeks Gametight Guestlist. Birthday are welcome here too. If you have any more question please call us at (347) 592-0300

    Thursday at Fusion Lounge in Queens - (347) 592-0300

    Thursdays at Fusion Queens NY located at 34-19 Steinway Street Astoria, NY 11106

    This Thursday Ladies Night Fusion Lounge in Queens, Fusion New York -
    Fusion Lounge Queens! Celebrate you or your friends birthday at Fusion Lounge NY or get on the Gametight Guestlist now!

    Ladies Night Specials:

    • Ladies OPENBAR til 12

    • Ladies FREE HOOKAH all night

    • Ladies $100 Moet Rose'

    Fusion Lounge NYC Bottle Special - All Specials are all night unless notified:

    • 2 Bottles + Hookah for $400 All in Bottle Package

    Fusion Lounge NYC Dress code: : Casual Neat, trendy, & fashionable. Men: Sneakers OK with fitted attire! Ladies: Shoes only

    Fusion Lounge Pricing:

    Everyone FREE on Gametight Guestlist

    (Please ensure to mention Gametight Guestlist at the door/ register so you can be FREE or REDUCED otherwise you will be charged as a walkin and pay double the price!)!

    For table reservation, birthday parties or guestlist info please call (347) 592-0300 or simply log onto www.FusionLoungeNYParties.com, www.Gametightny.com also you can email us at Gametightny@hotmail.com

    Birthday Package at Fusion Lounge NY | GametightNY.com

    New York City Ladies Night Fusion Lounge NY 2019 — powered by GametightNY