Boat Disclaimer
  1. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE PURPOSE OF SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT IS TO EXEMPT AND RELEASE “ New York Luxury Cruises/ MIXX CRUISE ”, THEIR EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, AND ASSOCIATED PERSONNEL, AND THEIR BOATS (WHEATHER OWNED, OPERATED, LEASED OR CHARTERED), HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS “ RELEASED PARTIES” AND TO HOLD THESE ENTITIES HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITIES ARISING AS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE FOLLOWING, OR AND OTHER ACTS OR OMISSIONS ON THEIR PART, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO NEGLIGENCE OF ANY TYPE. By purchasing a ticket to an event or boarding the boat I agree to all the following below: 1. I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE INHERENT RISKS INVOLVED WITH TOURS/EVENTS and PARTY CRUISES, including but not limited to equipment failure, perils of the sea, harm caused by marine creatures (including bites), acts of fellow participants, entering and exiting the water, boarding, or disembarking boats, and activities on the docks and I HEREBY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS. 2. I UNDERSTAND THAT BY PURCHASING A TICEKT OR ATTENDING AN EVENT ON THE BOAT THAT I HAVE A DUTY TO EXERCISE REASONABLE CARE FOR MY OWN SAFETY AND I AGREE TO DO SO. 3. I assert I am physically fit to ride on a boat, and I will not hold the Released Parties responsible if I am injured as a result of ANY problems (medical, accidental, or otherwise) which may occur while on the boat, during the cruise or other activities while riding on the boat. 4. I will not remove my flotation device at any time when instructed to wear it or if it is needed. I acknowledge that doing so will constitute a violation of safety rules and procedure for which I expressly assume the risk. 5. I fully understand that the involved boat has limited medical facilities and that in the event of illness or injury appropriate medical care must be summoned by radio and treatment will be delayed until I can be transported to a proper medical facility. I agree in advance to these conditions. 6. The Released Parties have made no representation to me implied or otherwise that they or their crew can or will perform safe rescues or render first aid. In the event I show signs of distress or call for aid I would like assistance and will not hold the Released Parties, their crew, boats or passengers responsible for their actions in attempting the performance of rescue or first aid. 7. IT IS MY INTENTION BY THIS INSTRUMENT TO GIVE UP MY RIGHT TO SUE ALL PERSONS OR ENTITIES REFERRED TO HEREIN, WHETER SPECIFICALLY NAMED OR NOT, AND IT IS ALSO MY INTENTIO TO EXEMPT AND RELEASE ALL RELEASED PARTIES AND TO HOLD THESE ENTITIES HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OR GROSS NEGLIGENCE AND I ASSUME ALL RISK IN CONNECTION WITH BOATING ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE MAINTENANCE OF THE EQUIPMENT OR ORGANIZATION OF THIS ACTIVITY. 8. I have carefully read this contract in its entirety, fully understand its contents, and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract on behalf of my heirs, my personal representatives, and myself. This document constitutes the final and entire agreement between the Released Parties and the undersigned. There are NO WARRATIES expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description of the activity listed on this form. THIS IS A COMPLETE RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT. I have read this agreement, am aware that by purchasing a ticket to an event or boarding the boat it is a release of liability and a contract between the Released Parties and myself. I sign it of my own free will and agree to be bound by it, from the date of my signature, forever into the future.